XITE Mansion

2012 - 2015

Both buildings open out towards the garden, creating a public gathering space and helping to bring natural light into the offices.

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A world class, local agency

Allard Architecture is a full service, Amsterdam based architectural studio specializing in projects ranging from existing structures to new builds. Our expertise extends beyond mere design - we are dedicated to securing the necessary permits and ensuring every project is executed seamlessly from inception to completion.

Besides our expertise in external architecture, we excel in crafting exquisite interior spaces. Our team transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments, blending aesthetics with functionality to create spaces that inspire and uplift.

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Transforming Historic Monuments

We specialize in revitalizing historic buildings in city centres, respecting their rich heritage. Our expertise lies in preserving their character while adapting them to meet modern needs, thus creating contemporary spaces within these cherished monuments.

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Transformation of Former Evangelical Lutheran Church

Canal House Renovations

We are experts in the restoration and transformation of iconic canal houses in Amsterdam, converting them into modern private residences and workspaces while preserving their historical significance. Our specialization lies in external restorations, internal alterations, and contemporary additions, seamlessly blending the past with the present through meticulous craftsmanship and architectural expertise.

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Wooden buildings

At Allard Architecture, along with renovating existing structures, we place a strong emphasis on sustainable and environmentally conscious design practices, with a particular passion for working with wood in construction. Our expertise lies in designing environmentally conscious wooden buildings that blend with and respond to their surroundings and contribute positively to our planet's future.

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New builds

Beyond restoration and adaptive reuse, we design in modern new builds, from small low budget projects to large scale developments. Our core focus is creating smarter, efficient, and enjoyable spaces through passionate collaboration while integrating history and urban context.

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Riga Ontwerpgebouw