Andreas Baumer

Senior Architect

Andreas has over 20 years of experience working on projects in housing, education, hospitality and office design at all scales. He has led projects for historic, new and existing buildings from early concept stage through to construction and practical completion.

Since Andreas enjoys the challenge of a complex conceptual puzzle as much as the smell of fresh concrete he is motivated by the successful transformation of concepts into tangible buildings.
He has a deep interest in the end-to-end process of ensuring that design ambitions are realised in high quality builds and afford the end-user a calm canvas with a human scale.

Prior to working at Allard Architecture Andreas has worked in renowned offices in Germany, the US and the Netherlands as well as being a managing partner in his own office for many years. He has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, 1st prize in a Europan competition and the NRP Gulden Feniks.


2018 Joined Allard Architecture, Amsterdam, NL
2012 Partner at NAP, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Established Baumerdesign, Haarlem, NL
2005 Dil en Bonazzi Architecten, Amsterdam, NL
2001 Claus en Kaan Architecten, Amsterdam, NL
1999 Murph/Jahn Architects, Chicago, USA


1999 M. Arch. & MSc, Ball State University, USA
1997 Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hierl Architecten Munich, DE
1996 Dipl.Ing. Architect Fachhochschule Regensburg, DE

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