Amsterdam | Netherlands
Steengoed BV

The concept "the Current" arose from an intensive collaboration between a diverse group of initiators, each with their own expertise. Through a coordinated process guided by a tender specialist with workshops, weekly meetings and 1-on-1 appointments, a coherent product has been developed with synergy between the different disciplines.

Architecture serves people. The design for the Current provides free space and protection from wind, rain and sun. The architecture is iconic and completely life-proof, in order to meet the needs of all the people who use the building for a long time and sustainably. These needs will change over time and the Current will be able to adapt smoothly. The Current fulfills a beacon function in the creation of a new district. And that is possible because it consciously opens up to everyone in the neighborhood.

The Current is a striking wooden building with a charming character and an identity as a "bijoux en bois" (a wooden jewel) and owes its recognisability to its special and clear layering and expressive horizontal plateaus. This ensures that the building is a clear landmark for the neighborhood and for the traffic flows that will pass there. The floor fields are made up of wooden CLT constructions, which are supported by wooden beams and columns. The repeating wooden beams give rhythm to the facades and a calming appearance. This rhythm on the underside of the wooden floor fields also ensures recognisability. The organically stacked protruding floor fields are reminiscent of a Japanese temple and point to all four directions.

Project Partners

Allard Meine Jansen
Andreas Baumer
Gijs Bouwens
David Pepper