Singel 412

2015 - 2016
Amsterdam | Netherlands

An extensive and careful restoration from inside-out of this listed monument from 1657 was undertaken, during which the ground-floor store was separated from the residence above. For 75 years, Mrs Zillig lived on the premises and owned a tobacco shop on the ground floor that was a cornerstone of the community. This meant that many of the original features were still present throughout the building, and so the wooden interiors were restored to preserve the historic character. Following detailed colour studies, the exterior was also painted back to its founding condition.

The question of how to separate the residence from the shop required intensive work with the BMA, and ultimately gained approval from the municipality to add a new entrance door and staircase. An opportunity for this entranceway was found in the existing pothuis, on the side elevation of the building. An incision was made into the volume of the pothuis and a doorway subsequently inserted, which used the profile of the old window frame to determine the profile for the new door frame. This resulted in achieving a new entrance that retained the overall integrity and volume of the pothuis, with minimal visual impact from the street.

allard architecture • Singel 412
Mrs Zillig, the woman who ran the tobacco shop on the ground floor for 75 years
allard architecture • Singel 412
A fragment that demonstrates the original colours that were used on the facade
allard architecture • Singel 412
Completion of the new separate entryway that gently inserts itself into the existing 'pothuis'
allard architecture • Singel 412
Diagram that demonstrates the different beam structures found on each level

Project Partners

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Duyts Bouwconstructies BV.
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