Riga Ontwerpgebouw

2016 - 2017
Amsterdam | Netherlands

Returning together a team of long-time collaborators, this project underwent an incredibly smooth process which ultimately led to a highly successful outcome that ensured all parties were satisfied. The building is centred around a focus of adaptability over time. A strict grid has been implemented, yet this grid allows for a dynamic flexibility of repurposes.

The building can easily transform from being single-tenant offices to multi-tenant, from offices to housing, or a range of other purposes. Architecturally, the building is also inspired by the sun studies of Takis Zenetos for his design for the School in Agios Dimitrios, whereby the positioning and angle of the shading elements reflect the arc and elevation of the sun over the course of a day. These shading elements, along with the large panels of glazing of the façade, provide optimal natural daylight internally.

The building was designed and built within 11 months, encountering no issues in relation to aesthetics or on the construction site during the process. The building was also sold smoothly, with an investor buying before the building’s completion. In the end, the project presents itself as a viable and successful model of development that achieved its ambitions in relation to architecture, process, development, and occupation.

Project Partners

Allard Meine Jansen
Jurriën Boon
Roderik van der Weijden