De Woezel

2009 - present
Warmond | Netherlands
Oostbergh BV

The project of De Woezel has been in progress since 2009, and has witnessed an evolution since its conception. The design commenced as two series of row housing that accommodated 6 self-contained houses, but has been subsequently transformed into a chalet-inspired lodge that contains 9 apartments of varying sizes within the larger building envelope.

A critical focus of the project is centred on sustainable initiatives, ranging from the laminated wood construction and cladding down to the efficient systems that will support the building. The quality and warmth of these characteristics are to support the overarching aim of the project for providing comfortable living for modern young families.

allard architecture • De Woezel
The situation plan, with the footprint of De Woezel highlighted in grey
allard architecture • De Woezel
Aerial view of site as of currently, located in centre-left of image
allard architecture • De Woezel
Form inspiration was taken from the previous building located on the site

Project Partners

Allard Meine Jansen
Jurriën Boon
Piet de Reuver
Nick wenham