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De Diaconie van de Protestantse Kerk Amsterdam

Corvershof Courtyard, a dynamic space that has organically become a meeting point for diverse minds across Amsterdam. Acknowledging its historical significance, we are now poised to enhance and preserve this community hub.

The current temporary greenhouse, central to fostering connections, is set to be replaced. Our approach involves a practical and aesthetic glass-steel structure for the inner courtyard. The intent is not to erase the heritage but to create opportunities for larger gatherings while retaining the historical character.

Our design ensures the courtyard's daily function as a shared dining space. It continues to bring together various entities – social startups, enterprises, foundations, self-employed individuals, and Amsterdammers – fostering a genuine sense of community. This is also the place where individuals await aid workers from organizations like IOM and Bureau Straatjurist, serving as an informal 'living room' for those engaged in day care through the Regenboog Groep and Cordaan.

Our mission is to elevate Corvershof Courtyard without compromising its essence. The new glass-steel structure opens avenues for broader events, ensuring the space remains as inviting as ever. Join us in shaping the future of this hub, where history and innovation harmonize, and the spirit of community endures.

allard architecture • Corvershof
historical image of the courtyard space
allard architecture • Corvershof
investigation of alternative meeting spaces
allard architecture • Corvershof
the monumental value of the various aspects within the courtyard
allard architecture • Corvershof
current temporary glass enclosure
allard architecture • Corvershof
2017 - current temporary glass enclosure

Project Partners

Allard Meine Jansen
Andreas Baumer
Sophie Zimmermann
Paul Walther