Expert Colour Research Compagnie Theater

22 August 2022

Stratigraphy of columns on the 2nd floor. The arrow indicates the original finishing stage.

Paint sample CTA-M01, (upper half) entablature under vault, viewed from below.

Today we received the Restauration Research expert Josefien & Co report: "An exploratory color study of the original interior finish"; an Allard Architecture commisioned color study into Compagnie Theater's columns, window and frame wood and large cornice in the interior of the former Restored Evangelical Lutheran Church (1792) and the vault (1881).

From the work description of 1833:
The panelling of the upper gallery was 'coloured', this was also to be done on the second gallery 'with boiled oil turpentine, but not too dark.

Working with, and receiving results from experts like Josefien & Co, ground us in our every day work and asserts our office mission to give old buildings new life whilst respecting their legacy.

Mostly reports like these remain internal documents, we believe in the beauty of it ... hence a taste of it for you to enjoy!

Josefien & Co
Bureau voor restauratie en kleuronderzoek ir Josefien Tegelaar
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