Bloemgrachtkerk construction site around 1920

1 June 2023

Placing the concrete floor, circa 1920

Mr. Harm Hollander

Presented above is a remarkable photograph sent to us by architect Mr. Harm Hollander from Brisbane, Australia. The image offers a captivating glimpse into the construction site of the Bloemgrachtkerk, dating back to approximately 1920. At the center of the photo, we see Mr. Robert Pieterse, the grandfather of Mr. Hollander, engaging in the construction activities.

This intriguing snapshot portrays a significant moment in the construction process at the Bloemgrachtkerk. The focus of the image lies on the meticulous task of placing a concrete floor, the foundation of the Bloemgrachtkerk.
The photograph not only captures the physical labor involved in the construction, but it also provides us with a glimpse into the atmosphere of the bustling construction site. It transports us back in time, immersing us in an era where craftsmanship and dedication were paramount in creating enduring architectural wonders.